Week 48 CSJ: 230116-230122

Week 48 CSJ: 230116-230122
Photo by Sahil Pandita / Unsplash

CSJ = Computer Science Journey

Welcome to one of my CSJ series blogs! I make a CSJ blog every week to document my computer science learning and practicing for the past week, along with some inspirational thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this CSJ blog!

Weekly highlight

  • 12th week for our SDE study group~~~
  • Finished a milestone for learning Korean on Duolingo for 24 days => I will get back to it when I finish my first yearly goal cuz I want to be more focused :)
  • Recorded project demo for Around and updated resume!
  • Delivered the first presentation at a USC class (5Vs of Big Data)~ It does not kill :) haha

Best Learning Material This Week

  • Recursion vs. Tree/Graph Traversals vs. Depth First Search vs. Backtracking vs. Dynamic Programming:
  • Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) - Leetcode 208:

Final Thought

Enjoy the journey! Happy Chinese New Year :)