Week 38 CSJ: 221107-221113

Week 38 CSJ: 221107-221113
Photo by Chris Liverani / Unsplash

CSJ = Computer Science Journey

Welcome to one of my CSJ series blogs! I make a CSJ blog every week to document my computer science learning and practicing for the past week, along with some inspirational thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this CSJ blog!

Weekly highlight

  • 2nd week with SDE study group (BQ + algorithms + topic sharing)
  • Finally, resolve the HTTP mixed content problem! Digging into questions is fun!
  • Craft the universal DP solution for buying and selling stock coding problems

Best Learning Material/Tool This Week

  • Great talk by Linus Torvalds

Final Thought

Fight on, and don't forget to prioritize your downtime as well :)