Week 36 CSJ: 221024-221030

Week 36 CSJ: 221024-221030
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

CSJ = Computer Science Journey

Welcome to one of my CSJ series blogs! I make a CSJ blog every week to document my computer science learning and practicing for the past week, along with some inspirational thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this CSJ blog!

Weekly highlight

  • Start a Database Bootcamp
  • Initiate a series of  SDE study group activities
  • Improve OnlineOrder project
  • Advance Freelancer front-end project schedule

Best Learning Material This Week

  • React:

Final Thought

This week, I included software engineering project exploration and implementation into my daily routine. It was awesome!

CS Knowledge + Project Experience + Coding Capability => a qualified candidate for a software engineer position.

All is well. Fight on!