Week 13 DSJ: 220516 - 220522

Week 13 DSJ: 220516 - 220522
Photo by Joe Caione / Unsplash

DSJ = Data Science Journey

Welcome to one of my DSJ series blogs! Every week, I make a DSJ blog to document my data science learning and practicing for the past week, along with some inspirational thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this DSJ blog!

Weekly highlight

  • Receive two Master's program offers :)
  • Finish my undergrad thesis draft (which has something to do with coding :)
  • Create one programming content for Finxter.com

Testimonial from my client

Anqi is an outstanding freelancer, Python coder, and data scientist. She excels in understanding complex problems quickly and reliably. Very recommended!

Anqi is a highly skilled data scientist and enthusiastic Python freelancer. Highly recommended!
—— Christian Mayer, CEO of Finxter

Best Data Science Learning Material This Week

  • Statistics / Machine Learning: tianchi - math fundamentals for machine learning

Other Awesome Content (to me) This Week

  • Communication: Masterclass - Robin Roberts

Final Thoughts

I want to learn more! Fight on!