About the author and the site

Who is the author?

Anqi Wu is an aspiring Software Engineer. She majored in Finance @ Tongji University and is an incoming student in a Master's program in Applied Data Science @ USC Viterbi.

Anqi is passionate about programming. She has proven her expertise during her undergraduate years, including multiple winning and top placements in mathematical modeling contests, doing personal coding projects, and creating 10+ programming content (article & video) for Finxter.com, the World's top 10 Python & freelancing blogs.

Anqi is an outstanding freelancer, Python coder, and data scientist. She excels in understanding complex problems quickly and reliably. Very recommended!

Anqi is a highly skilled data scientist and enthusiastic Python freelancer. Highly recommended!
—— Christian Mayer, CEO of Finxter.com

She is skilled at programming languages like Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL, actively delving into the world of computer science with joy. Programming proficiency and soft skills like communication and business acumen are her advantages to march towards her career path as a software engineer :)

The technology industry excites her for its revolutionary impact. She loves changing for good and is always thrilled by connecting with new technology and empowering herself through them. As a software engineer working in the technology industry, she can get involved in building exciting products and beautifying people's lives.

In her leisure time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, playing ping-pong, reading, creating something like programming content on Finxter.com, and strategizing.

If you’d like to learn more about her or if there is anything she can help you with, please feel free to reach out via the contact page.

What is this site and why might you want to subscribe to it?

It is Anqi's personal website for blogging her computer science journey and things that excite her. She wants to share her thoughts, ideas, and stories on this site. Yes! The sheer motivation behind the site is her love and pursuit of creating something with joy.

She will document useful learning resources, including but not limited to computer science, and share her computer science projects on this site. She is not a guru but intended to be a guide to newcomers in the computer science field or someone wanting new project ideas.

Hopefully, thanks to this site and her efforts, someone on this planet might be encouraged, inspired, and helped. But please do not feel stressed because she will continue and enjoy her journey regardless of your responses :)

Last, Anqi appreciates any feedback from her subscribers. Let her hear your voice as well.